How to import data from cPanel to ISPmanager

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The following manual describes how to move a site from a server with cPanel web hosting control panel to a server with ISPmanager control panel. This feature is available in ISPmanager Lite 5.57 and later.

Exporting data from cPanel

Before importing resources to ISPmanager it must be obtained from cPanel. To export data click "Backup" in the "Files" section.

CPanel migration 1.1.png

Then press "Download a Full Website Backup" button

CPanel migration 2.1.png

Then press "Generate Backup" button

CPanel migration 3.png

After backup is generated click on the link with that backup and download the archive to your computer

CPanel migration 4.png

Importing data to ISPmanager

To import data to ISPmanager click "User import" in the "Tools" section, then check that chosen "upload archive", fill the path to the archive file and press "Ok". If you are going to import several archives - choose "from local archive or directory", fill a path to a folder and press "Ok"

CPanel migration en 5.pngArrow.pngCPanel migration en 6.png

Viewing of the import report

If errors occurred during the import process, you can view the report by clicking "Users" in the "Accounts" --> "Details"

CPanel migration en 7.pngArrow.pngCPanel migration en 8.png

Also you can view a more detailed log file in /usr/local/mgr5/var/backup2_cpanel_conv.log

List of data

The following data is imported from ISPmanager into cPanel:

  • User data;
  • User's crontab file;
  • Domain configuration file;
  • User files;
  • Mail list;
  • MySQL dumps;
  • SSL certificates, CSR requests;
  • User access permissions to MySQL;
  • ProFTPD configuration file;
  • User quotas;
  • User password;
  • Shell access details;
  • Accounts of domains that use SSL;
  • cPanel version.