How to make a refund

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You can withdraw funds from the account in BILLmanager. You can do it in Clients -> Accounts -> Refund.


The procedure includes several steps.

Step 1. Choose a payment method

BILLmanager will create a payment with negative amount during the refund process. It's necessary to correct client's balance. This payment will be created with the same payment method that was chosen on Step 1. Depending on a payment method, funds will be transferred to client's account automatically, or only the account balance will be corrected in BILLmanager

The following payment methods support funds transfer to client's account:

  • Privat 24
  • WebМoney WMZ (wm invoice)

If another payment method was chosen, provider has to withdraw funds manually, in this way BILLmanager will correct the balance in billing system

Step 2. Withdrawal confirmation.

You can enter the amount of money you want to return and choose refund rules on Step 2.

Please note: in "Payments" you can see the "Refund" button, which has nothing in common with money withdrawal, it allows you only to cancel a payment.