How to order and set up KernelCare

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General information

The KernelCare software is designed for updating *nix-systems’ kernel without reboot. After installation, KernelCare will download and install kernel updates every 4 hours. Supported OS: CentOS, Redhat, CloudLinux, Debian, Ubuntu.

How to order a service

To order a KernelCare service go to => Product/Services => Other software and click “Order”.

KernelCare Eng 1.png

Find KernelCare in the list and click “Order”.

KernelCare Eng 2.png

Choose an autopayment mode, then enter a license name and IP-adderss of the server, KernelCare will be set up. Then press “Add to cart”.

KernelCare Eng 3.png

Check your Cart and press “Pay”.

KernelCare Eng 4.png

Then press “Pay”.

KernelCare Eng 5.png

After successful payment you will be redirected to the “Orders” menu, and at KernelCare’s string where you can see that your KernelCare service is ready to use.

KernelCare Eng 6.png

KernelCare installing

Let’s install KernelCare on the server. Connect to your server via SSH, using root account. If you are using CentOS, Redhat or CloudLinux OS, enter the following command:

rpm -i

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu OS, enter the commands:

dpkg -i kernelcare-latest.deb

Now the KernelCare software is installed. To check the installation results, execute the command:

kcarectl --version

If the program is sucessfully installed, you’ll see the message like the following:

KernelCare rus 9 1.png