How to purchase a service from ISPmanager

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This article describes how to buy a module using ISPmanager. VirusDie is using as the example.

To purchase a service go to "Integration" ⇾ "Modules", find the modulr you need and click "Buy" on that string.

VirusDie eng 1.pngArrow.pngVirusDie eng 2.png

Then enter your username and password from your personal account and press "Ok". If you've entered that earlier, when buying another service, you'll be asked for password only.

VirusDie eng 3.png

After that you will be redirected to the cart. Click "Buy".

VirusDie eng 4.png

Choose a preferred payment method and press "Pay" button.

VirusDie eng 5.png

Then you'll see the table with "Service is ready to use" message.

VirusDie eng 6.png