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IPmanager configuration settings are located in the configuration file /panel_directory/etc/ipmgr.conf (by default - /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ipmgr.conf). This article describes parameters that are specified in this file. Please note that strings starting with two slashes (// ...) are comments, which are ignored by the control panel.

Main parameters

FreeName - domain names that will correspond to all free IP addresses (by default free.example.com).

InternalDomain - domain name that will be assigned to special IP addresses when creating a network (by default example.com).

NameServers - name servers that will be responsible for managing newly created domain zones (by default ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com).

TechEmail - email of DNS administrator. It is specified in SOA of newly created zones (by default tech@example.com).

ViewName - this parameters is used when installing DNSmanager and IPmanager on one server, name of the name space.

IpCheckerScript - path to the script that checks if it is possible to reuse an IP address or not.


Options are additional parameters of the IPmanager configuration file.

Option option_name

The following options are currently supported:

Agree - you accept a Service agreement.

AllowClassless - create classless reverse zones when creating IPv4 networks that are smaller than /24. Otherwise /24 reverse zones will be created.

NoAutoSync - disables automatic zone synchronization. If you have a large number of reverse zone we recommend that you disable automatic zone synchronization for better performance of IPmanager.

DisableIpAllocationChecking - disables IP check before allocating it to user.

DisableIPv6Checking - disable IPv6 check.

DisableGatewayChecking - the system won't check that the gateway is associated with the network you are going to add or edit (from version 5.76.0)