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If you offer "Virtual servers" and "Dedicated servers" to your clients, you may also offer them a "Control panel" as an add-on. Activating a VPS or dedicated server will order a license on a certain control panel.

General information

A processing module is integrated with ISPsystem's BILLmanager for service reselling, and is also connected to other modules integrated with DCImanager/VMmanager. You can resell only pre-defined ISPsystem licenses. Enumerations are used to integrate your BILLmanager and tariff plans, the Enumerations module can be found in the main menu. Id of the ISPsystem's license tariff plan is specified in the "Internal name" field of the enumeration configuration form. Then, the enumeration is associated with the "Control panel" add-ons allowing to choose a control panel and activate a license during the order process.

Integration with ISPsystem's BILLmanager

In order to configure reselling of ISPsystem's licenses, navigate to "Processing modules", add a new BILLmanager processing module and enter the following configuration details:

  • URL -
  • Your login and password to BILLmanager. Make sure this user can order software licenses.

Navigate to the "Enumerations" module to create a "Control panel"enumeration. Add configuration details, and enter the license tariff is into the "Internal name" field.

Configuring enumerations

Possible values for tariff plans:

ISPmanager Lite (without support)
ISPmanager Pro (without support)
ISPmanager Lite
ISPmanager Pro
ISPmanager 5 Lite
Configuring DCImanager/VMmanager processing modules

Navigate to "Processing modules" to add/edit the module and in the "License server" field select "BILLmanager 5" that you have added above.

Configuring tariff plans

Create a "Control panel"add-on , select "Enumeration" in the value type field. Add prices for each enumeration.

Additional information

License renewal

A license is renewed when needed, regardless the renewal of the main services this license is associated with. We have the following configuration:

  1. A tariff plan called Virtual server with periodic billing activated;
  2. A one-month license is ordered automatically;
  3. A client pays for the virtual server for 1 year (and also pays for the 1-year license), for example, 2015-06-01.
  4. The virtual server will expire on 2016-06-01 and the license will expire on 2015-07-01.
  5. On 2015-06-30, if the service is still active, the license will be renewed for the next month. If the client cancelled his server, the license won't be renewed.

The following operations are performed with licenses if the status of the main service changes:

All the operations are performed against both the main service and license.

Suspending the service will also suspend the license (if this option is available for you), activating the service will activate the license, deletion of the main service will delete the license as well.

Changing licenses

When editing parameters of the main services and add-ons for the "Control panel" or primary IP address:

  • if the primary IP address changes, the license will be reordered (the current license will be removed and a new one will be ordered);
  • if a client cancels the license (he has selected a control panel which is not associated with the ISPsystem's tariff plan) - the license will be removed;
  • if a new license is ordered (the client has selected a control panel which is associated with the ISPsystem's tariff plan, and the license has never been ordered before) a new license will be ordered;
  • if the license tariff plan changes (the client selected a control panel which is associated with the ISPsystem's tariff plan, and the client already had the license associated with another tariff plan) - the license will be re-ordered;
  • if the tariff plan is not changed, and the license is not active, the license will get activated.

License pool

A license pool reduces the need to purchase new licenses when licenses are in the organization but not being used. You can re-allocate existing licenses to your clients.

The pool is active by default and doesn't require additional configuration.

How licenses are selected from the pool

A license is considered free and can be taken from the pool, if:

  • its status is "Active" or "Suspended";
  • name is "free.lic";
  • IP-address is;
  • expiration date is larger than the current date;
  • IP address was changed more than one month ago;
  • license activation key was re-generated more than one month ago;

When a new license is ordered:

  • a list of free licenses of the corresponding tariff plan is generated;
  • the following operations are performed for each license:
    • license name and IP address are changed;
    • a new key is generated;
    • id of the "Control panel" add-on is changed to associate ISPsystem's licenses with services in your BILLmanager;
    • the license is activated and renewed, if needed;
    • the license is put into the pool in case of errors. (its name is changed into free.lic, IP address into

When a license is deleted:

  • the license is suspended;
  • the license is put back into the pool of available licenses (its name is changed into free.lic, IP address into

License name

A license name should be as follows Item #MAIN_SERVICE_ID addon MAIN_SERVICE_NAME

Period matching

You can configure periods, if needed. It is configured for the DCImanager/VMmanager handler, and is used for handling the "Control panel" add-on (license order/renewal) by the BILLmanager 5 processing module.

ISPmanager set up

To make ISPmanger automatically configure IP addresses and integration with DNSmanager on VPS/dedicated servers, contact ISPsystem's Technical support team to specify settingurl for your account.

  • settingurl - https://billmanager_domain/mancgi/ispsetting

Configuration will be made using a mechanism of external applications.

This feature is available starting from BILLmanager 5.56