Installing IPmanager and DNSmanager on the same server

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Complete the following steps to sucessfully install DNSmanager 5 and IPmanager 5 on one server:

1. If DNSmanager 5 is not installed, proceed to install it.

2. Log in to DNSmanager 5 as administrator and create a new user. IPmanager 5 will save its zones in the name space of that user.

3. If IPmanager is already installed and contains data, read our notes at the end of this article.

4. Once completed, specify the "ViewName user_name_space_name" parameter in the /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ipmgr.conf file

Notes: if the panel is installed into a directory different from /usr/local/mgr5, change it into the correct one.
For example, the ipmgr.conf file must contain the following parameter ( - the name space that was specified during the user creation process in Step 2):


5. Restart IPmanager:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/mgrctl -m ipmgr exit

Warning!! Deleting a DNSmanager user will also delete its name space and all domain zones created by IPmanager leading to malfunctioning of IPmanage

If IPmanager 5 is already installed, when creating the first DNSmanager user, the zones created by IPmanager will be transferred to a default name space. You should open the named.conf file (the path depends on your operating system; however it can be found in the "path named.conf" parameter of the dnsmgr.conf file) and manually transfer zones and directories, associated with its IP addresses from the default name space into that of the user. The empty default name space can be deleted. Then proceed to Steps 4 and 5.