Integration between BILLmanager and DCImanager

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Creating a new processing module

Go to the "Processing module" to set up integration between BILLmanager and DCImanager.

Click "Add" to start the Wizard:

First, select a product type. DCImanager is related to "Dedicated server".

Second, choose a processing module. SelectDCImanager.

Next, fill out the form:

  • URL - the full URL to the DCImanager control panel
  • Username - a username to access the panel (user role - administrator)
  • Password - enter a password to access the panel
  • IPmanager - select IPmanager that will allocate IP addresses to servers of this processing module.
  • IP-address type for parking - type of IP addresses from IPmanager. When releasing a server, its main IP address will be changed into IP address of a specified type. Types can be found in IPmanager -- "Types of IP addresses". You can create a custom type of IP addresses and allocate a network of grey IP addresses of this type.
  • License server - select a server that will handle software licenses.

Finally, fill out the form to set up the processing module:

  • Name - name of the processing module.
  • Responsible - select a department that will handle task if needed.
  • Sorting - module priority; if multiple processing modules are set up, a tariff plan will be associated with the processing module having the minimum value.

Requirements to tariff plan

Create a tariff plan and assign it to the processing module created above. In the "Server type" field enter a server type from DCImanager. The newly created tariff plan will be available for ordering only if servers of this type are available. See also Dedicated server creation procedure.


Integration with DCImanager supports the following add-ons to tariff plans:

  • RAM
  • Operating system
  • Name server
  • Control panel
  • Port speed
  • Traffic
  • Private IPv4-address
  • IPv6-address
  • Public IPv4-address

Statistics collection

The following parameters are collected:

  • Incoming traffic (the in parameter), KiB
  • Outgoing traffic (the out parameter), KiB
  • Energy consumption (the power parameter), Watt
  • Incoming daily Burst traffic (the burst_in_day parameter), Mbit/sec
  • Outgoing daily Burst traffic (the burst_out_day parameter), Mbit/sec

IP address from a certain range

Complete the following steps to assign IP address from a certain range when adding a dedicated server to client's account.

  • If a special IP type is not created in IPmanager, you should add that type and name it guardvlan9.
  • Specify the IP address type created above, for a required range in IPmanager.
  • For the "Dedicated servers" product type create a new add-on with the internal name special_ip_block_block_name. In our example, the internal name is special_ip_block_guardvlan9.
  • For the tariff plane create a new resource with add-on described on the previous step. Select a billing type according to your needs. For example, if you only want to allocate specific IP addresses for tariff plans, you may choose do not count. If you want to charge your clients for ranges, choose "Client selects". In possible values it should be specified with the new type, while others - without it.