Integration between BILLmanager and VMmanager

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Go to the "Service processing" module to integrate BILLmanager with VMmanager.

Click the "Add" button To start the Setup Wizard.


If you are integrating BILLmanager with VMmanager KVM and VMmanager Cloud, the following add-ons for tariff plan are supported:

  • Traffic
  • Disk space (you cannot change this parameter once the service is setup in VMmanager KVM and Cloud)
  • Number of processors (kernels)
  • CPU frequency
  • RAM (при настройки данного параметра для тарифного плана рекомендуется учитывать минимально допустимые значения для ОС доступных для заказа)
  • Number of IP addresses
  • Number of IPv6 addresses
  • Max incoming/outgoing bandwidth

Note! Be sure to provide any value larger than 1 for IP or IPv6, otherwise BILLmanager will send to VMmanager "nat" as a type of IP address.

VMmanager OVZ also supports the following parameters:

  • Processes
  • File descriptors
  • Number of I/O operations (io)
  • Number of I/O operations per second (iops)

Statistics can be collected for the following add-ons:

  • traffic - VMmanager KVM, OVZ, Cloud send information on both incoming (the in parameter) and outgoing traffic (the out parameter)
  • io - number of disk i/o operations (in hundreds of operations over 24 hours. The internal name of the unit of measure is hio), add-ons to tariff plans can be set up using "iops" that is 864 times as less as hio - the total number of input/output operations divided by the number of seconds in 24 hours.
  • cpu - processor usage time (in seconds over 24 hours).