Integration with BILLmanager

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Integration with DNSmanager is performed in the same way as the configuration of any other server. For more information please read the articles Server management and Creating a package.

Once you have integrated BILLmanager with DNSmanager, two types of users can be created: with private name servers and with provider's name servers.

Private name servers

To enable your clients to provide a domain name for their NS server, select the check box "Private name servers" in the service package edit form. When ordering a service, the client will be able to specify his domain name such as "".

Provider name servers

To be able to use this option, make sure your server was configured with reseller permissions and the "Private name server" check box is cleared. When a client orders a service, he won't be asked to provide a domain name.

When creating a user account in DNSmanager, the domain name specified in View field of the Server configuration form will be used.

Advantage: you can save IP addresses.