Integration with Google Analytics

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The feature is available starting from version 5.40.0 only in BILLmanager Corporate.

Google Analytics configuration

Navigate Provider -- "Google Analytics configuration ":

  • Tracking ID - the Tracking ID for this project,
  • Export type - select an export type,
    • Expenses - export information on all client's expenses.
    • Services - export information on all client's services. The information per service will be exported only once, regardless the amount of expenses related to that service.

Google Tracking ID is a sequence of characters, something like UA-123456-1. To find your Google Analytics tracking id, head over to the Analytics page. In GOOGLE ANALYTICS ACCOUNTS click the Edit link on the right of your web-site name. In your Google Analytics account, go to Admin -- View -- Ecommerce Settings" to activate "Ecommerce settings" and "Enhanced Ecommerce settings".

Embed the analytic tracking script into your web-site as described here. The script will set unique identifiers for your site visitors. The identifier will be associated with a certain user upon registration in BILLmanager (the conversion_label field in the account table). Make sure that BILLmanager is installed on a subdomain of the main site, otherwise site cookie won't be sent. E.g. the site is hosted on the domain, BILLmanager should be installed on the same domain or its subdomain

The sbin/mgrctl -m billmgr task is started in crontab to export information. The operation starts every 10 minutes. The statistics can be found at Google Analytics - Reports -> Conversions-> Ecommerce

Logs are added into /usr/local/mgr5/var/billmgr.log, the debag log is marketing.