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Hierarchy: VMmanager KVM ->INTEGRATIONS
VMmanager Cloud ->INTEGRATIONS

IPmanager is the control panel that can be used as a centralized web-interface for IP addresses management.

Set up integration

Navigate to Integration → IPmanager:

Module «IPmanager»
  • IPmanager URL - a full URL to access IPmanager, such as
  • Username - the username to access IPmanager.
  • Password - the password to access IPmanager.

Once completed, new IP addresses will be allocated from IPmanager. If an IP address is no longer used, it will be unassigned and put into the pool of addresses.

Integration with VMmanager KVM

Integration with ISPmanager

To successfully integrate ISPmanager with IPmanager complete the following steps:

Integrating IPmanager with DCImanager

To successfully integrate DCImanager with IPmanager complete the following steps:

By default, IP addresses of this type will be allocated to the servers. When needed, you can indicate any type (it can have any name and should be created in IPmanager) in the server edit form ---> the "Pool of IP addresses" field. In this case, DCImanager will demand IP addresses of the new type from IPmanager, trying to allocate a new IP address for such server. If VPU is enabled in DCImanager, you should choose or create in IPmanager one of the existing types, which will be used for VPU-networks (created VPU-networks in DCImanager will contain address only of this type) and one more type for additional IP addresses (additional IP addresses from this type will be aallocated to the server with VPU-network). These types can have any names, but they have to be created in IPmanager