Integration with ISPmanager accounts

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You need to complete the following steps in order to integrate an existing ISPmanager user with a shared-hosting service in BILLmanager:

  • Navigate to BILLmanager - Integration - Processing modules - Add -- "Shared hosting" -- select "Manual processing".
  • Navigate to BILLmanager - Products - Tariff plans - select a tariff plan associated with the service you want to order -- Processing modules -- disable the processing module and enable the manual processing module you have created above.
  • Log in to BILLmanager as the client who orders the shared hosting service -- order a tariff plan, connected to the manual processing module.
  • Pay for the order.
  • Log in to BILLmanager as admin, and activate both manual processing module and ISPmanager for the tariff plan.
  • Access BILLmanager with permissions of the staff member who is assigned to the department that process tasks associated with the manual processing module. Tools - Tasks.
  • Select the service activation task -- click "Edit" -- Assign task. Change the processing module from the manual into ISPmanager. Username - enter the username exactly as it appears in ISPmanager. Password - user password in ISPmanager -- click "Close task".
  • The service in BILLmanager will change its status into Active. Now it is associated with the ISPmanager user.
  • Navigate to Products - Tariff plans, and disable the manual processing module for the tariff plan to allow for automatic activation of services.