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General description

Available in BILLmanager 5.85 and later

This module allows to set up integration with Yola, a site-builder tool.

Integration scheme

On the picture below you can see the general integration scheme.

Site builder. Integration scheme

ISPmanager 5 Business is used for domains management and allocation of FTP-resources to web-sites.

User accounts and two types of subscriptions are created in the site-builder: core subscription and ecom subscription.

Creating a processing module

The Yola module can be found in the "Site-builder" product type.

Creating a processing module. Step 1: select a product type

Attention! Before you add the integration module, you need to purchase it at

Creating a processing module. Step 2 if the module is not present

Once completed, update the license file of your BILLmanager:

  • delete or move the /usr/local/mgr5/etc/billmgr.lic file into the directory
rm -f /usr/local/mgr5/etc/billmgr.lic


mv /usr/local/mgr5/etc/billmgr.lic /usr/local/mgr5/etc/billmgr.lic.old
  • and restart BILLmanager
killall core

The license file will be uploaded again. It will contain information about the module that you have purchased. The "Add" button on the second step of the processing module Wizard will get activated.

The Subbrand ID, Subbrand API Key, Subbrand API URL fields will be filled out automatically based on the information from the module.

Creating a tariff plan
  • URL - enter the URL to ISPmanager 5 Business
  • Username - enter the username for integration with ISPmanager 5 (user level - administrator)
  • Password - enter the user password for integration with ISPmanager 5

Creating a tariff plan

Pay attention to the following fields on the tariff creation form:

Creating a processing module. Step 3. Integration setup
  • Account template - the name of the template in ISPmanager
  • Subscription - type of the core subscription (Starter, Preminum or Unlimited)
  • Free domain zone - a client will get a third-level domain in the specified free domain name., where @ID@ is a service identifier, - your domain, eg. -

You can change the core subscription for services by changing the tariff plan. Therefore, you need to create three tariff plans - one for each subscription type (Starter, Preminum, Unlimited).

The eCom add-on is configured as add-on to the tariff plan. This add-on will be created automatically with the "Without eCom" value. It is associated with the "Yola eCom plan" enumeration, its values are shown below.

"Yola eCom plan"

Attention! We do not recommend changing internal names of enumerations, as it may lead to malfunctioning of add-ons, and customers won't be able to place new orders.

List of "Site builder" services

List of services "Site builder"

Description of the toolbar buttons :

Order a new service

Creating the service

The following objects will be created while creating the main service:

  • in ISPmanager 5:
    • user
    • free WEB-domain
    • FTP-user
    • if you selected "Private domain name" the private domain will be specified as alias to the free web-domain
  • in Yola:
    • account (its configuration will include FTP-connection data, domain name, etc.) account name = <Subbrand ID> + user name in ISPmanager
    • core subscription
    • ecom addon subscription, if ordered

Domain management

By default, the service will be created with a free domain name based on the tariff configuration.

Click the "Domain" button in the list of services.

Private domain management
  • Free domain name - this domain name was generated automatically when the user ordered the service
  • Alias domain names - select an additional name: private (this domain already exists) domain or order a new one
  • Domain name (this field is available only if "Additional domain name" = "Private domain") - existing private domain name

If the "Additional domain name" = "Order a new domain", you will see the "Order domain" button. Clicking the button will redirect you to the Domain order Wizard.

Domain management - domain order

The private domain name is specified in ISPmanager 5 in the list of aliases of the free domain name.

Renew the service

A client can renew the service for 1 month no earlier than 2 months before the expiration date (starting from the current date). Otherwise, the error message will be generated.

Cannot renew the service

Open the site-builder

Clicking the "Go" button on the User level will redirect you to the site-builder. On the Admin level you will be asked what panel to open:

  • ISPmanager 5
  • Site builder

Requirements to server with ISPmanager

We recommend that you add the domain that you are going to use for name servers into the list of protected domains in ISPmanager.

For the site to render properly these items must be available (according to Yola documentation):

  • php 5.3 or greater
  • php5-curl
  • gettext enabled
  • php user must have write permission on the web root directory

Be sure to whitelist the following IPs to reduce publishing errors on FTP connections:


For fastest publishing 10 concurrent connections should be allowed.