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Configuration details on the payment gateway side

  • Communication page - https://url_of_your_BILLmanager/mancgi/interkassaresult. You may not enter the URL, but in this case you will need to allow this page in requests.
  • Encoding - MD5

If you want to redirect your customers directly to the payment gateway, enter the following parameters:

  • Communication page - https://url_of_your_BILLmanager/mancgi/interkassaresult.
  • Successful payment URL - https://url_of_your_BILLmanager/billmgr?func=payment.success. Method - GET
  • Unsuccessful payment URL - https://url_of_your_BILLmanager/billmgr? Method - GET

BILLmanager configuration details

Login to BILLmanager --> navigate to Payment methods module -- > Click "Add" and complete the steps below:

  • Identifier - you can find it the Interkassa client area. Something like that 56c6fe9d3c3eaf78678b4568
  • Secret key - secret key from Interkassa. Use a "Test key" for tests.
  • Redirect to payment gateway - this option enables to redirect a customer to the payment gateway. In the list you can see internal names from Interkassa. In order to choose a correct value, refer to Interkassa documentation. If an error occurred when obtaining a response from Interkassa, a customer will be redirected to a common payment form, where all gateways are shown.

If Interkassa asks to add the meta tag for check, you can do that in BILLmanager --> "Branding settings - HTML"

Technical information

Interkassa has three log-files:

  • pminterkassa.log - configuration details of the payment gateway
  • interkassapayment.log - log of payments
  • interkassaresult.log - responses from the payment gateway