Issues installing an operating system on a virtual machine

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The installer cannot download the response file

You can see this error when accessing the virtual machine via VNC

Possible causes of this error:

  • The IP address of the virtual machine is not assigned to the node where this machine is created. For example, it may happen if IP addresses are assigned to MAC-addresses in data centers.
  • The VM resolver failed. The first resolver from the parent server should be specified.
  • VMmanager is trying to find a response file by internal IP address that is not accessible from the outside. The installer downloads the response file through the external network.

VMmanager receives the the IP address associated with the response file from ihttpd. Execute the command to learn it:


The first IP on the list will be taken. If the command shows that the internal IP address stands first, the installer won't receive the response file. You will need to set up ihttpd as described in the article Configuring built-in web-server (the external IP should be specified first).

Cannot receive the preseed file when installing Debian

Delete the "nocunked" option in the ihttpd configuration file /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ihttpd.conf

Restart ihttpd

Issues with FreeBSD x64 installation

Issues with FreeBSD x64 installation

Issues with Windows 2016 installation

Problem: In VNC you can see that the installation hangs during the boot process. The error occurred on servers running qemu 1.5, 0.12, 1.1.2. Solution: When creating a virtual machine, enable HostBasedCpu - create virtual machines with the same CPU type as on the parent system. If you run qemu 2.6 such templates can be deployed without the option, but may require restart of libvirt (service libvirtd restart) (if the system was updated).

Issues with installing FreeBSD x64 on a virtual machine.