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This module is a central place for storing all the information relating to changes in the control panel.

We modify our control panels at some point at a regular interval. When a change occurs, the information relating to the change needs to be recorded. This helps you to monitor and control the effect of that change on the system. The change log allows to describe all the change information in a clear and structured format. Often a new bug can be found by looking at what was recently changed.

In this module you may view the list of release version and choose how you want to handle updates. This module gives a clear explanation of how the earlier version differs from the current one. You can select a software release depending on what you value, stability or update frequency. You may restore the required version from a backup copy, as well. Normally, new control panel version includes bug fixes, improvements, new features and changes.

Note: only the control panel will be automatically updated. Other software installed on your server won't be updated.

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View a list of versions

  • Version - the latest version of the control panel.
  • Release date - date when the latest version was released.
  • Number of changes - number of changes included into the latest version of the control panel.
  • Backup date - date when a backup copy of the selected version was made.
  • Status - the current status of the version.

Start update

This function can be used to update the control panel. Click the "Update" icon to start searching for the control panel updates that will be installed, if any.

You may continue using the panel. If any updates are found, you will be notified about installation of a new version.