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An Mailbox is the part of a memory on the mail server that is used to receive and store e-mail from users that was sent to an e-mail address associated with a certain mailbox. POP3 or IMAP protocols are used for delivery of mail.

In this module you can add and manage your mailboxes.

Module «Mail boxes»
T-bullet.gif View a list of mailboxes
T-new.png Create new mailbox
T-edit.png Edit mailbox parameters
T-delete.png Delete mailbox
T-mail-ar.png Edit auto-responder parameters
T-filterchange.png Email filtering
T-mail-clear.png Clear mailbox
T-attr.png Mail settings
T-on.png Resume the selected mailbox
T-off.png Suspend the selected mailbox
T-go.png Drill down to mail account

View a list of mailboxes

  • Name - mailbox name.
  • IP address - IP address assigned to this mailbox. This field is shown only in ISPmanager Business.
  • Properties - current status and properties of the mailbox:
P-onn.png - the selected mailbox is active.
P-off.png - the selected mailbox is suspended.
P-mail-ar.png - the auto-responder is active.
P-redirect.png - incoming e-mail will be forwarded to another mailbox.
  • Size - disk space (used/limit).

Create new mailbox

To add a new mailbox, click the "New" icon and fill out the form:

Global settings

  • Name - enter the name for the mailbox. This is the part of the e-mail address before the @ sign. You can use letters, digits and the - and . signs.
  • Domain - select the domain name that your mailbox will be associated with.
  • Aliases - enter the name of the alias(es) that you want to add for this mailbox. You can add unlimited number of aliases, space separated.
  • Password - provide the password to access the mailbox.
  • Confirmation - retype the password to ensure that it has been entered correctly.
  • Send a copy to - enter the e-mail address where all incoming e-mail messages will be forwarded to. You can add unlimited e-mail addresses, space separated.
  • Don't save incoming e-mails - check the box if you do not want to save received e-mail messages in this mailbox. This option can only be used when forwarding is active.
  • Maximum size - enter the maximum amount of disk space that can be used by this mailbox.
  • Enable greylisting - check the box to activate Greylisting.


Enter additional information related to this mailbox.

Edit mailbox parameters

To edit a mailbox, locate the mailbox you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Note: the "Name" and "Domain name" fields are not included into the edit form, because they cannot be modified.

Edit auto-responder parameters

This function can be used to automatically send response messages. This can be useful, if you cannot check you mailbox.

You may use the auto-responder to leave vacation notices, notifications and technical messages for your clients.

To add a new auto-responder, select the mailbox, click the "Auto-responder" icon and fill out the form:

Module«Mail boxes»
  • From - enter the name of the sender of the message and e-mail address that will be used as a sender address in the auto-responder's message, such as
  • Subject - enter a subject of the auto-responder's message.
  • Message - enter the text that should appear in the auto-responder’s message. Leaving this field blank will disable the auto-responder.
  • Attach file - you can attach a file to your message.
  • Turn on auto-responder - check the box to activate the auto-responder.

Delete mailbox

To delete a mailbox, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the mailbox by clicking "OK" in the following form.

Clear mailbox

The function is used to delete the messages in the mailbox. Select the required mailbox and click the "Clear" icon. Confirm that you want to delete all the messages from the mailbox by clicking "OK" in the following form.

Drill down to mail account

You can access the control panel with privileges of the selected user. Select it from the list and click the "Enter" icon.

Once drilled down, you will be able to manage the control panel with privileges of that mail account.

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