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This integration allows companies to provide virtual data-center services. A client (especially resellers or customers who need individual configuration of virtual machines) can purchase a pool of resources, create virtual machines, and can choose a required number of virtual CPU, RAM, etc. according to his needs.

For more information about the integration steps, please refer to this article

Possible issues

Issues that can occur in the Microsoft Windows Azure Pack processing module

Information is logged into mgr5/var/pmazure.log

Error Description
item_not_exists There is a user in Microsoft Windows Azure Pack with the same username as in BILLmanager 5, but he doesn't have any "Active", "Suspended", or "In-progress" services.
getusage_fail failed to get information on service consumption by a subscription
empty_password a password is not specified for a client's service when activating new VDC
provider_not_exist the "systemcenter" provider is not found
sub_not_exists the subscription with a specified identifier is not found
networks_exists the remote VDC already has user networks (you should delete users manually, and restart the current operation for deletion)
owner_not_found the user with "<username in BILLmananger 5>.SYS" is not found while changing the password
unknown_plan the VDC specified in the tariff plan configuration form, is not found during service activation

General errors

Error Description
forbidden the user that is specified for integration with Microsoft Windows Azure Pack, doesn't have privileges for that function
not_found object doesn't exist
bad_request this is the most common error indicating either an invalid request or failure to process it. You should look through the logs in order to find a solution