Migrate VMmanager OVZ containers

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You can use the following two methods for migrating containers between cluster nodes:

  • Standard - using the vzmigrate utility
  • VMmanager OVZ algorithm.

You can choose a migration method using the "Migration method" feature. vzmigrate is used by default. This method can be used in most cases, and we recommend using the VMmanager OVZ algorithm only if you encounter problems with standard procedure.

Migration using vzmigrate

The vzmigrate utility that is normally provided by OpenVZ is used. Live migration is supported.

Migration using VMmanager OVZ algorithm

The aim of this algorithm is to facilitate operations performed by the vzmigrate utility. rsync of the container's private-directory is made on a new cluster node. Live migration is not supported at all, so you do not need to synchronize the changes. If the container was running before migration started, it will be suspended, moved to another cluster node and started again.