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Integration module installation

In order to install the integration module, you need to go to WHMCS’ installation root directory, then download and unpack the following file:

WHMCS v7.x

Previous versions

After the module has been added to the directory, it will appear in your WHMCS. To finalize installation, go to "Setup > Addon Modules", and press "Activate" for "ISPsystem NOC Partner module".

This will complete the installation, and the module will automatically create tariff plans, addon, and options.

Connection set-up

A connection needs to be established with ISPsystem’s billing, for licensing purposes. Go to "Setup > Products/Services > Servers", select "ISPsystem NOC" and press "Edit".

Whmcs noc1.png

Fill out your Username and Password. These are your Username and Password to your account with ISPsystem, at, and this is the account which will be used for license ordering.

Pricing and tariff configuration

Separate tariffs

In the "Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services" section, 5 tariffs have appeared after module’s activation:

  • ISPmanager 5 Lite
  • ISPmanager 5 Business
  • VMmanager 5 OVZ
  • VMmanager 5 KVM
  • VMmanager 5 Cloud

When editing the tariff in the Pricing tab, you can set the price you would like to charge.

Whmcs noc2.png

Ordering for your clients will then look like this:

Whmcs noc9.png

Additional options

For every Separate tariff (except for ISPmanager 5 Lite), you can configure pricing of “additional servers”. In the "Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options" change group settings:

Whmcs noc3.png

Then, change the options:

Whmcs noc4.png

Finally, set desired pricing:

Whmcs noc5.png

Addons for other tariff plans

The module also creates Addons, in addition to separate tariffs. This way, you can add ISPmanager, for example, to an existing hosting plan. Go to "Setup > Products/Services > Product Addons" and press Change:

Whmcs noc6.png

Configure pricing of an Addon:

Whmcs noc7.png

Add the Addon to your existing tariff:

Whmcs noc8.png

In this case you cannot amend the amount of servers included, and a default setting will be used.

Ordering for your clients will then look like this:

Whmcs noc10.png
Whmcs noc11.png

Provisioning algorithm

For the purpose of this module, all the licenses are ordered with ISPsystem on a monthly basis. In case if you will choose to remove a particular service (hosting plan) from WHMCS (terminate), then the parameters of the license activated for this service will be changed to IP, and name free.lic

This means that the license has been added to the pool of activated, but available licenses. When a new license is required, the module will try to use an already activated and available license from the pool, rather than order a new one from ISPsystem.

Every day, when WHMCS carries out scheduled tasks, it will check the termination date of the license, and depending on the status will:

  • Extend by another month the licenses which are attached as an Addon to hosting plan in use by a client (if extension is required).
  • If a license is not attached as an Addon to a hosting plan in use by a client, and a month has elapsed since this license’s termination date, it will be deleted from the list and will not be extendable further.

Monitoring and logs

All module’s operations are stored in the WHMCS log. You can access and review it in "Utilites > Logs > Module Log".

BILLmanager NOC addon

WHMCS v7.x

Additional module for ordering ISPsystem licenses.It is integrated with BILLmanager NOC.

BILLmanager NOC delivers 5 addons for services:

  • ISPmanager 5 Business
  • ISPmanager 5 Lite
  • VMmanager 5 Cloud
  • VMmanager 5 KVM
  • VMmanager 5 OVZ

You cannot change these addons (except for ther prices and associated services) or add new ones. BILLmanager NOC addon allows to create addons and specify its validity period, if needed.

Configuration of BILLmanager NOC addon:

  • download and install the module
  • when adding a new addon, select Module Name = BILLmanager NOC addon
  • enter "License type" and "Addon life time" (leave the field blank if your want to set up unlimited period)
  • enable automatic installation