OS synchronization

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OS synchronization enables to adjust values of the "OS templates" parameter and/or the "Operating system" tariff add-on with the OS template installed on a VPS or dedicated server.

The following Cron job starts the synchronization process every 4 hours

30 */4 * * *	/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/mgrctl -m billmgr processing.syncserver.cron

The command starts synchronization on all handlers supporting this feature. The handlers will compare operating systems, and set the value for the parameter and/or "Operating system" add-on, if needed. Clients are charged for add-ons, so this procedure will prevent you from charging them incorrectly.

Synchronization of the "OS template" parameter will check that the OS template is associated with the processing module, and will update its configuration, if needed.

Synchronization of the "Operating system" add-on will check the corresponding enumeration: if the enumeration contains the value, which internal name matches the internal name of the OS template, that value will be used. Otherwise, the default value will be set (it is specified in the tariff plan configuration form).