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An OS template is a metainfo.xml XML file and a set of installation files. metainfo.xml describes installation mechanisms.

OS templates are stored in the repository on a remote server and are downloaded to the server running DCImanager during the installation process.

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Module «OS templates»
T-bullet.gif View a list of OS templates
T-retry.png Check
T-install.png Install template
T-edit.png Template properties
T-delete.png Delete OS template
T-addon.png OS template repositories

View a list of OS templates

  • Template - the template of the operating system.
  • Type - the template type:
    • OS template
    • Diagnostics template
    • Recovery template
    • Search template
  • Status - the current status of the template:
P-onn.png - there are newer versions of the template.
P-lp3.png - the template is installed.
P-lt4.png - template installation failed.
P-install.gif - template installation in progress.
P-lock.png - only administrator can install this template.
P-update.png - this template can be updated automatically.
  • Source - the repository from which the template was downloaded.
  • Date - the date when this OS template was modified.


This option can be used to check OS templates that were downloaded from the repository. Click the "Check" icon and confirm that you want to check the list of templates by clicking OK on the following form.

Install template

This option can be used to install an OS template from the repository on the server. Click the "Install" icon and confirm that you want to install the OS by clicking OK on the following form.

After the OS template is installed, it will be available for use on servers.

Template properties

To edit template properties, select it and click the "Properties" icon:

Module «OS templates»
  • Auto update - select the check box to enable the template auto update function. Once activated, the system will check its version once in 24 hours and update the template, if needed.
  • Only for administrator - select the check box to allow only administrators to install this template.

Delete OS template

To delete a template of the operating system, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected OS template by clicking OK in the following form.