PDU ports

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This module provides information about changing port configuration settings.

Module«PDU ports»
T-back.png Back to the devices list
T-bullet.gif View a list of ports
T-edit.png Edit port
T-getdinfo.png Refresh information
T-on.png Enable the selected port
T-off.png Disable the selected port

View a list of ports

  • Identifier - unique identifier of the PDU port.
  • Server name - the name of the server associated with this port.
  • Host name - the server domain name.
  • Description - description of the port.
  • Status - the current port status:
P-onn.png - the selected port is on.
P-off.png - the selected port is off.
P-onoff.png - status of the selected port is unknown.
P-ineton.png - a device is connected to this port.
P-inetoff.png - the power supply of this port is off.
P-lt1.png - this port is used for special purposes.
  • Load - power consumption per port in watt. Not displayed in DCImanager Essential.
  • Notes - additional information related to this switch.

Edit port

To edit a port, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Module«PDU ports»
  • Identifier - enter the unique identifier of the PDU port.
  • Description - enter description for the port.
  • Reserved port - select the check box if this port is reserved for special needs. It will be hidden on the list of ports when adding a new device, and won't be used for server search.
  • Notes - provide additional information related to the port.

Refresh information

This function is used to collect information about ports. This is the same function as in the PDU management module.