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There are several ways to customize your panel.

How to change color set with the help of "Branding settings"

Using sliders you can adjust interface colors.

This way you can also change logotypes and favicon.

Branding settings.png

Adding your own themes and js-scripts.

Also in "Branding settings" module you can insert your own css-files and js-scripts using the fields "Title" (<head> placement) and Body (End <body> placement).

You can put your files into a theme folder (/usr/local/mgr5/skins/orion/ on default), then the file path will be /manimg/orion/MY_CSS_FILE.css. Also you can download files from outer sources. But keep in mind, that if panel works via HTTPS, then files should be also available via HTTPS, otherwise browser will block them.

Your files will be connected to all panel objects: login form, outer forms, desktop.

Each panel object has its own classes, use it for customizing styles of a single panel object.

Insert HTML.png

Changing existing theme

If two previous methods are not enough, you can try customizing an existing theme.

Notice: a customized theme will return to its default after the COREmanager is updated.

That's why we recommend you to copy a theme into a new folder and customize it there. You can switch to your theme using panel call with a "theme" parameter (for example URL_OF_PANEL?theme=NEW_THEME_FOLDER_NAME).

In this case your changes will stay untouched, but you should keep a check on appearing new features in the interface and change the newest theme versions.

Creating new interface theme

This is the most difficult method. For more information, please refer to the article Category:Custom interface theme.

But again you should keep a check on interface and API changing.