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In Billmanager 5 you can restore forgotten password via:

  1. E-mail - this is a default action and does not require additional configuration;
  2. SMS - to enable password recovery via sms, you need to configure "Fraud protection" mechanisms, and then navigate to Global settings -> SMS password recovery.
Code verification

Password recovery

A password can be restored on BILLmanager 5 login form.

Login form

Follow the Password recovery link, fill out the form, and click Ok.

Recovery form

Once you are done, you will receive password recovery instructions:

  1. if default settings are used, the link will be sent to users' email. The user can change his current password by following that link.
  2. in case of password recovery via SMS and a client has his phone number verified (it is specified in his profile), the client will receive an SMS with a code for password recovery to that phone number.

The user should enter that code and recover his password. If his "phone number has not been verified yet", he can restore his password via email.