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In this module you can manage platforms: add a new platform, edit or delete existing.

Before version 5.76.0 Server types were used in DCImanager.

A platform is a basis of server configuration. It contains information about its type (Blade or common server), size, and configuration (sockets for CPU, HDD, RAM, etc.)

When adding a new server in DCImanager, you need to select a server platform.

T-bullet.gif View a list of platforms
T-new.png Add new platform
T-edit.png Edit platform
T-delete.png Delete platform

Add new platform

To add a new platform, click "Add" and fill out the form:

Add new platform
  • Platform - enter a platform name to identifier it in the control panel.
  • Type:
    • Commom server
    • Chasis for blade server- you need to specify the number, size, and number od slots for server. при выборе данного варианта вам необходимо будет заполнить количество размер и количество слотов под серверы
    • Blade server
  • Server size - the number of units that this platform occupies in the rack (thid field is available for a blade server)
  • Max. RAM (Gb) - the maximum amount of RAM
  • HDD slots - the number of slots for HDD
  • Type of CPU socket - typep of CPU soket installed on this platform.
  • CPU sockets - number of CPU sockets installed on this platform
  • PCI slots - number of PCI slots on this platform

Edit platform

To edit a platform, select the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete platform

To delete a platform, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected platform by clicking OK on the following form.

If you already have servers associated with that platform, you first need to change a platform type for the servers.