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This module can be used to view information on server power consumption over a selected period of time. In the Period field you can choose a period to display statistics, for example, over previous 24 hours, month, etc.

IPMI(ipmitool) doesn't have functions for power consumption statistics. A user should write a script that will collect statistics from IPMI.

The path to the script should be specified in the DCImanager configuration file: the path section named ipmi_stat_current_script. Example: path ipmi_stat_current_script /root/current.pl

The control panel will send the IPMI IP address, username and password to the script's ARGV. For example

/root/current.pl user password

The script should return the following string to STDOUT:

Input Current: N

Where N is the current value.

This feature is supported only in DCImanager Enterprise. Statistics is calculated once in 5 minutes (the user script is started every 5 minutes). The information is put into the database and interface once an hour.

In the Period field you can select a period to show statistics, e.g. for the previous day, month, the whole period, etc.

Module «Power consumption»
T-bullet.gif View consumption statistics

View consumption statistics

  • Server - server name, from which the power usage information is collected.
  • Host name - domain name of the this server.
  • IP-address - IP-address assigned to this server.
  • Power (Amps*hw) - power consumed by this server over selected period.

To view a more detailed information on power consumption, double click the server. A new table will open providing you with the information per selected server:

Module «Power consumption»

Clicking the "Show data" icon will show the dates and time when statistics was collected, as well as power it Watt-hours.