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The billing system provides a wide range of features for managing your clients. With BILLmanager, you can provide most popular hosting services: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server and colocation, as well as resell domain names, SSL certificates, etc.


First of all you should choose languages that will be used in your system. Only English is available upon installation. You can activate multiple localisations, if your are going to provide services to clients speaking other languages. You can also add a custom localisation, different from default ones, that can be used in documents. Go to the Localisations module to set up localisations you need.

Company settings

Log into BILLmanager Standard -- the Company module.

Click the Add button to create a new company or edit the existing one. Companies in the billing system are legal entities that are used for managing clients (for example, a provider can create companies that will manage clients only from the USA, or any other country), accounting optimization, and other purposes. You may set a VAT rate for the company, if needed.

Payment methods

Go to the "Payment methods" module to create payment methods for your clients (credit cards, wire transfer, Paypal, and much more).

Click the "Add" icon and fill out the forms. Activate the newly created payment method for companies created above.


When providing services to your clients, you may need various documents, such as contracts or invoices. By default, BILLmanager delivers templates for standard documents. You may edit them, if needed, or create your own templates (in the "Document templates" module).

Go to the Companies module -- Edit -- the "Document print settings" tab to select templates that your documents will be based on.

Staff members

Add administrators who will see clients' tickets, and configure administrator roles. For example, you can create an administrator who will see only technical tickets. In BILLmanager Standard all staff members have administrator permissions.

You can assign staff members to a certain department, when needed.


Add departments and assign your staff members to them. In BILLmanager Standard the Support and Sales departments are created by default. Departments play an important role enabling to create and assign tasks, and handle clients' tickets.


Go to the "Product types" module to view a list of supported products and services.

To activate a service, go to the Tariff plans module to create a new tariff and assign it to a required product type.

For example, if you want to provide shared hosting, complete the following steps:

  • Go to the "Processing modules" module to assign a processing server where hosting services will be automatically created and activated, to BILLmanager. If you are going to provide shared hosting, you need to configure integration between BILLmanager and ISPmanager.
  • Create a tariff plan for "shared hosting".
  • Assign the server added above to the tariff plan.

Once you are done, the "Shared hosting" module will be added into the "Products/Services" section.


Go to the "Global settings" module to modify the control panel's behavior in some situations, and add additional parameters for managing your customers.