Preparing cluster node

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Preparing a cluster node

Follow the rules below:

Disk subsystem

Use ext4 as a file system for the VMmanager OVZ cluster node

We recommend that you partition the disk as described below:

Partition Notes Size
/ Consider the /nfsshare directory size, where OS templates will be saved 8-10 GB
swap RAM X 2
/vz (CentOS)
/var/lib/vz (Debian)
Containers will be located on this partition Remaining space

Notes: currently when making a backup copy and recovering data, the temporary directory on the master-server is used. You can specify the directory in the VMmanager OVZ configuration file using the option BackupTmpDir

Operating system

We strongly recommend using the same operating system both on the cluster node and master-server. The architecture and version must be the same as well. You should select minimal installation.


When adding a node, SELinux will be automatically suspended. Do not activate it, otherwise nfs will stop working.