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This article describes VE_PRIVATE, VE_ROOT, TEMPLATE parameters of the vz.conf configuration file

For managing directories VMmanager OVZ 5 uses the VE_PRIVATE, VE_ROOT, TEMPLATE parameters of the /etc/vz/vz.conf configuration file.

We recommend using default values that are specified during installation of OpenVZ kernel. However you can manually edit the vz.conf file, if needed. Please note:

  • VMmanager OVZ monitors path changes, but containers and OS templates that already exists won't be copied if the directory was changed. We recommend change the paths on a "clean" cluster node upon VMmanager OVZ setup.
  • The VE_PRIVATE, VE_ROOT paths must coincide on all the cluster nodes. It is required for migrating containers between nodes.
  • all directories must exist in the file system of the cluster node. Please note: for the TEMPLATE directory the cache subdirectory in which OS templates are installed must exist. In the vz.conf file the path is specified WITHOUT the cache subdirectory.
  • when adding a new VMmanager OVZ cluster node, values of VE_PRIVATE, VE_ROOT, TEMPLATE of the vz.conf file will be modified according to the values on other cluster nodes, if any. The corresponding directories are created in the file system so that you will only need to set up the first node, all other nodes will be created with the same settings.