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Quality control

Quality control is a module, which allows customers to rate responses they get from support staff in tickets and chat.


In order to install the "Quality control" module, navigate to "Integration" -> "Modules".

How to use the module

Ticket selection

Once the module is installed, the "Quality control" module will be available in the "Support" block.

You can enable rating both for tickets and chat responses (provided that you have already installed the chat module). Each of these options has its own selection conditions. Also you can specify e-mail addresses of your staff members to be able to send them your rates, for example you can set one e-mail for bad-rated replies and another one for good rates.

Selection by pre-defined conditions starts automatically by Cron with the "/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/billmaintain --command selecttickets" command. You can run it by clicking the "Start" icon, and view the results by clicking the "View" icon.

After users add new rates, the list will be updated.

Ticket rating

Select a ticket and click the "Rate" button. On the form that will open you will see the rating icons beside each response from staff members. Hover your mouse cursor over the icon to see the customer who rated the response, and his comment, if any.

There are three kinds of rates:

  • From clients - clients can rate replies by selecting if they are pleased or not. Staff members can't see these rates, they are shown only in the "Quality control" module.
  • From staff members - Staff members can rate responses given by their colleagues, and add comments. In order to rate a response, open the ticket in the "Support tickets" and "All tickets" modules. Different staff members can give different rates to one and the same reply. Staff members cannot see the rates of each other.
  • From department's head - this rate is given in the "Quality control" module. This rate is common for all heads of departments, and can be seen in any of the "Conditions" sections. Head of department can rate only one response.

Once responses are rated, select the corresponding e-mail, and click the "send" button. All the rates with comments will be sent to the specшашув email.

If you want to delete a ticket from the selection, click the "Delete" button, but it will be still available in the "Tickets" module.