Racks management

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This module can be used to manage racks to which data center equipment can be placed.

You can add a new rack, add additional information related to its usage and view the number of servers that are currently using a specific rack.

T-bullet.gif View a list of racks
T-new.png Add new rack
T-edit.png Edit rack properties
T-delete.png Delete rack

View a list of racks

  • Name - name of the rack.
  • Switch ports - the number of switch ports installed into this rack (used/total number).
  • Power port - the number of PDU ports installed into this rack (used/total number).
  • Power consumption - power consumption by the servers in this rack.
  • Network load (packets/sec) - total network load by the servers in this rack.
  • Temperature - rack temperature (this information is only displayed in DCImanager Enterprise).
  • Status - information related to server search option:
P-onn.png - server search option is active for this rack
no information - server search option is not active for this rack
  • Notes - additional information related to this rack.

Add new rack

To create a new rack, click the "New" icon and fill out the form:

  • Name - enter the name for the new rack.
  • Notes - provide any information related to the newly created rack.
  • Allow server search - select the check box to enable the automatic server search option for the newly created rack. When defining PDU ports connected to found servers, DCImanager will disable free and non-service PDU ports one after another and ping the servers.

Attention - if you don't want to enable ports of some servers, navigate to '"Power (PDU)" → "Ports" → "Edit" → check the Service port box.

Edit rack properties

To edit a rack, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete rack

To delete a rack, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected rack by clicking OK on the following form.