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Starting from version 5.63.0, BILLmanager supports recipes for product types "Virtual server" and "Dedicated server".

For more technical details about this feature, please refer to this article.

Configuring processing module

Processing module

Fill out the following form:

  • User recipes - select this check box to be able to choose a recipe when ordering a service (make sure that this option is supported by the processing module)[1];
  • Completion of server setup - select a service activation parameter:
    • After template setup - a service status will change to "Active" after OS template is successfully installed; the recipe installation command will be executed, but the system won't wait for the command to complete;
    • After recipe setup - a service status will change to "Active" after recipe is successfully installed on a selected OS; in case of error, the server is considered not deployed, and the system will try to create another virtual machine (dedicated server).

Parameters values for product types

In the list of values for the "Operating system" and "Pre-installed software" (Recipe) parameters, you can see the "Tags" column.

"Operating system" parameter value

Tags are uploaded automatically when updating configuration of the processing module (it can be done by Cron or manually with the Config button in the Processing modules section). You can edit tags.

Edit the "Pre-installed software" parameter (Recipe)

Fill oout the field:

  • Tags - list of tags comma separated

Interconnection between "Operating system", "Pre-installed software" (Recipe), and add-on "Control panel license"

Interconnection between parameters is based on the following rules:

  • a recipe is considered compatible with an operating system if both parameters have at least one identical tag;
  • add-on is related to a recipe if the recipe has the tag: lic_license_name - the tag should start with the consequence of symbols lic_, followed by a license name as it is specified in the corresponding element enumeration (spaces are changed by the "_" character), e.g.lic_ISPmanager_5_Lite

On the service order form for every operating system you can see only those recipes that are compatible with that OS. When selecting a recipe, the "Control panel license" add-on is set automatically (if the lic_License_name tag is specified, and the corresponding license is ordered).