Reselling of third-party licenses

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This articles describes how you can resell CloudLinux, KernelCare, and Softaculous and other third-party licenses from ISPsystem. Here you will find API requests that allow to order a license in ISPsystem's billing system ( and perform supported operations.

Order license

authinfo - access details to The user must have permissions to order licenses.

ip - license IP address.

licname - any name for the license.

period - licencing period.Currently only 1-month licenses can be ordered, so period should be always set to 1.

pricelist - tariff id:

  • 9203 - CloudLinux
  • 9204 - Softaculous
  • 11738 - KernelCare

Disable licenseкод_лицензии

Activate licenseкод_лицензии

Change IP address and/or license nameкод_лицензии&licname=новое_название&ip=новый_ip&sok=ok

Renew licenseкод_лицензии&period=1&sok=ok

Delete licenseкод_лицензии&sok=ok