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BILLmanager has a built-in module supporting integration with Ru-Center.

You need to install and set up the panel to start working in BILLmanager.

To resell services, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Configure a processing module. Processing module is a module that communicates with an external application (Ru-Center).
  • Add and configure a tariff plan.

Processing module

Go to Integration-> Processing module to set up integration between BILLmanager and Ru-Center. Click the Add button to open the Wizard:

  • Step 1. Select a product type. Choose Domains.
  • Step 2. Select a processing module. In the form that will open, you can see all of the services that BILLmanager is integrated with. Choose Ru-Center.
  • Step 3. Set up integration. Enter login details to your Ru-Center account, or get registered with Ru-Center, and then configure the processing module once again.

You may leave the "Domain" field blank, or enter the project's domain name. That domain will be added into every request sent from the control panel, and will allow the registrar's support staff to easily identify requests.

  • Step 4. Set up processing module. Enter a name for the processing module, and select a department that will handle issues, if any.

Tariff plan

Go to Products -> Tariff plans

  • Step 1. Select a product type. Choose Domains.
  • Step 2. Add and configure a tariff plan. Enter a domain price, minimum order period, etc.

When creating a tariff plan, in the Additional setting tab you can specify the domain zone and connect the registrar that you have already created in the service processing module.

See also How to create a tariff plan and How to sell domain names via BILLmanager.

Additional information

The following log contains all the information related to the registrar:


Add pmrucenter 9 into the /usr/local/mgr5/etc/debug.conf file to view more information.