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The following article describes how BILLmanager handles services.

Processing modules

Processing modules are integrated with control panels, certification authorities, and domain registrars to set up products and services in BILLmanager. You can choose several processing modules for each product type. For example, for hosting services you can choose ISPmanager, CPanel, for VPS - VMmanager and VDSmanager.

To make your tariff plan available for ordering, you need to create it and select a processing module that will handle a service. Besides, make sure that a service associated with this tariff plan can be created in the control panel. Create a user, virtual machine or dedicated server template with required configuration. Refer to the Integration section for more details. The billing panel will try to create an item.

Note: when activating the processing module for a tariff plan, BILLmanager will try to create an item itself. For example, it can cretae a user template, but it cannot create a dedicated server automatically, as it is always identified by inetranl name of a tariff plan. Multiple tariff plans can have the same internal name and yse the same item.

Automatic setup

After a client orders and pays for a service, the service will be marked "in progress". The processing module will start, and the service will be created in the control panel (registrar). You can monitor this process in the "Current operations" module. If an error occurs, you can view the error log or restart the operation. The operation is restarted automatically once in 5 minutes. If the operation fails for several times, it will be set up automatically, and the corresponding task will be crated. You can manually start the operation, or set up the service yourself. Then, you can find the service setup task and assign it to yourself, provide service details, and close the task. The service status will change to "Active", and the "Welcome email" will be sent to your client.

Manual setup

If you cannot find a desired processing module for your service (BILLmanager is not integrated with your application, or you are using a specific service), you may use the "Manual setup" option. A new task will be created for each operation. Tasks are assigned to the department specified in the processing module configuration form. Staff of this department can view tasks. A staff member will assign the task to himself, perform required operations, fill out the form and close the task. The service will get a required status.