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Shared hosting — hosting type, when many sites are located on one web server.

The purpose

For your customers this service provides

  • access to their website for any user on the Internet at any time anywhere in the world
  • possibility to create their own mail domains
  • possibility to store their data on a remote server

It allows you to satisfy needs of the most hosting clients, and you can provide a service for a low price cost.

Hardware requirements

To organize shared hosting you will need just one dedicated server (or Virtual Private Server) - its resources are shared between users. Furthermore, you may sell these resources making different tariff plans.

As a bonus, you may extend your resources if you lack your server resources. You can buy one more server and connect it to the system, and you won't need to set it one more time.

How can you make money

Shared hosting is described using such limitations as:

  • size of disk space
  • amount of traffic per month
  • amount of sites which can be hosted under one hosting service
  • amount of databases and amount of size to locate databases
  • amount of email boxes and FTP accounts

qualitative restrictions:

  • free CPU resources, RAM, which can have an influence on server performance