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Get your site up and running in just a few minutes with SiteBuilder!

Module installation is a free site builder tool available in ISPmanager Lite and Business.

Official website of integration page on ISPsystem's website.

Navigate to the Modules section to activate the management module (it is disabled by default).


Clicking Install will automatically set up and configure the module. Once completed, users will be able to use the site builder to create their web-sites.

Creating a site

After you have installed the Site.Pro module, drill down to the user level --> WWW-domains --> Site builder button.


Select a WWW domain and click "Site builder" to go to Site.Pro and create a new web-site

Exporting your site from Site.Pro into ISPmanager

After you have created a web-site, click Save to export data from the site builder to the server with ISPmanager. Site's files will be located in the home directory of the WWW-domain that you selected when going to SIte.Pro. Data transfer protocol - FTP. An FTP user named spro_fhei3232dskj (where fhei3232dskj is a unique sequence of symbols) will be created on the server with ISPmanager to connect to the server.

Note: if you are moving exported files from the directory of into the directory of, entering in the browser window will open your web-site that you have created in SitePro.

Howevere, if you then go to ISPmanager -->WWW domain --> select and click "Site builder", you won't see your site there, because the site template in Site.Pro is associated and identified by the domain that you selected when going to SitePro.