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This module can be used to add and manage places where backup copies are located.

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Module «Storages»
T-bullet.gif View a list of storages
T-new.png Add storage
T-edit.png Edit storage properties
T-delete.png Delete storage

View a list of storages

  • Name - name of the storage.
  • Type - type of the storage.
    • FTP
    • FTPS
    • Local storage (not available in ISPmanager Business)

Add storage

To add a new storage, click the "New" icon and fill out the form:

Step 1 Select a storage type

  • Type - select the place to store the backups.
  • Local storage
    • FTP server
    • FTPS

Depending on a storage type selected, the form fields may vary. Local storages are not available in ISPmanager Business.

Do not confuse SFTP and FTPS. FTPS means FTP/SSL

Step 2 Storage settings

  • Locate backup copies - search for backups in the storage. The search is based on the readme-files in the root directory. The listings from the readme-files will be imported into the control panel. A backup copy will be created enabling you to restore data. If the backup copy from that date already exists in the control panel, the readme-file in the control panel will be ignored.
  • Available to users - users can select this storage when making our downloading a backup copy.


  • Name - provide the name for the storage.
  • URL - provide the URL to the FTP or FTPS server. It can be an IP address or a domain name (protocol is not required).
    • enter "/" to specify a directory on the FTP(FTPS) server, e.g.
    • enter ":" to specify a port, e.g.
  • User - provide the username to access the FTP(FTPS) server.
  • Password - provide the password to access the FTP(FTPS) server.

Local storage

  • Name - provide the name for the storage.
  • Path to directory - provide the absolute path to the directory where backup copies will be stored.

Save parameters

While saving parameters, the storage performance will be checked by executing the supported operations: put the file, download the file, delete the file, get a list of files. If any of the operations fails, the storage won't be created.

Edit storage properties

To edit the properties of the storage, select it from the list, click the "Edit" icon and modify the data you want to change.

Every time you are editing the storage (Path to directory, Server, Username, Password), it will be checked for backup archives. If any of the archives is missing, the system will show the corresponding notification. If some archives are missing in the storage, the system won't restore data. To avoid this, move the archives into a new location manually.

Delete storage

To delete a storage, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected storage by clicking OK on the following form.