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BILLmanager has a built-in Support center, which enables you to provide per ticket technical support.

Support system overview

A client can submit a ticket in BILLmanager --> Support --> Tickets. He can select a department which will handle the ticket, the subject, and detailed description of his issue.

The provider will see a new ticket in the Tickets module. After a staff member posted a new reply, the client will see the corresponding icon in his list of open tickets. The ticket will close in the list of tickets of the staff member, and will open again when the client submits a new message.

Once the issue is resolved, the ticket can be removed to "All tickets". The archive contains all of the tickets from the client starting from his registration date.

Support center configuration

First of all you should create departments that will handle communication with your clients. Usually, service providers have two departments:

  • Technical support department
  • Sales department

To add a Department go to BILLmanager --> Departments. Select the "Show in Support center" check box to allow clients to choose this department when submitting a ticket.

Go to the Staff module to add administrators who will handle tickets. You may assign staff members to Departments. One member can be assigned to different departments.


Staff members assigned to different departments can handle different issues. E.g. John Smith assigned only to the Technical support department, will see tickets submitted to this department. Gary Stark is assigned to both Sales and Technical support, and can handle tickets submitted to both departments.

Predefined replies

If you are asked the same questions very often, you can create predefined replies. To add a predefined reply, navigate to BILLmanager --> Answer templates Here you can add various predefined replies that your staff will use to answer in clients tickets.

Incoming email

Clients can contact you not only via BILLmanager, but also send emails (e.g. to or Such emails can be automatically redirected to BILLmanager via mail gateways.

Navigate to Support --> Incoming email to view a email messages that were received via email gateway and are not assigned to any department.

Support tickets

New tickets from clients are displayed in the Tickets module. A staff member can see only those tickets that are assigned to him or his department(s).




  • T-searchfile.png Information. Click this button to open a new tab with the following information: a client's email address, registration date, internal comment, and active services.
  • T-paste.png Forward. Click this button to assign the ticket to another department or staff member. Once the ticket is assigned, you will see the message reading "The ticket has been copied to "<Department name>", and the ticket will contain the Ticket information field: "This ticket is assigned to the department" <Department name>. The ticket remains open with the staff member who assigned the ticket, and he can continue communicating with the client.
  • T-set.png Settings. Here you can change the font and text size. The changes will be applied only to tickets of a certain staff member.
  • T-editlist.png Messages. Click this button to view and edit messages. You can split the ticket into two replies, if the ticket contains too many messages, and it's hard to view/read all of them.
  • T-filterhappy.png By client. This button allows to set a filter by the selected ticket against all the modules in BILLmanager.

Additional buttons may be also available depending on client's services). Whois and Dig help to get information from the client's domain

The Subject and Service related to with this ticket are shown below. Staff can edit these fields.

The ticket also contains brief information about the client, his services, and ticket.

Replying to tickets

A staff member can only view ticket's contents, but he cannot submit a new reply until the ticket is assigned to him. Clicking the P-ticket-en.png button will automatically assign the ticket to the staff member, and block the ticket P-lock.png so that other staff cannot submit replies to this ticket.

  • Quote Allows to include a copy of a previous reply in your ticket.
  • Auto complete Allows to use a pre-defined reply in your ticket. A pre-defined answer can be added in the corresponding module.
  • Show additional fields Opens hidden fields allowing to enter your comment or attach files to the ticket.
Internal comment

Internal comment allows to add messages that only staff can see. Internal messages are not displayed to clients. This allows you leave some information that may be useful for other administrators. The field for internal messages is shown in yellow color preventing you from entering private information into the main ticket body.


P-ticket-ok.png Submit a new reply to a client and close the ticket on the provider's side. If you enter any information into the "Internal comment" field, this information will be added to the ticket as well.

P-ticket-sent-en.png A new reply will be sent to the client, but the ticket won't close. The ticket will remain blocked, so that staff can send new replies to the client. If you enter any information into the "Internal comment" field, this information will be added to the ticket as well.

P-ticket-change-en.png This button displays when a staff member changes the ticket (its the subject, or service associated with the ticket, etc.) Clicking the "Save" button will apply the changes. If you enter any information into the "Internal comment" field, this information will be added to the ticket as well.

P-ticket-cansel-en.png Close the ticket without saving any changes. The ticket will remain blocked by the staff member.