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ISPmanager Lite and ISPmanager Business starting from version 5.129.0 support templates for TXT records DMARC and SPF for domain names.


Navigate to Domains->Domain names->Settings

Changes that you make on this form will be applied only for records of newly created domain names. Selecting "Apply to existing" will modify the settings for all existing domain names.

 Attention! Do not modify the settings unless you are 100% sure what you do. 

Use the _ip_ macro to specify IP addresses in the SPF record. IP addresses are specified space separated in the control panel's configuration file --> the SPFRelayIP parameter.

In order to add IP addresses to the SPF record, use the macro _ip_. IP addresses are added space separated in the parameter of the panel's configuration file. In ISPmanager Lite it is specified intoв /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ispmgr.conf. If you run ISPmanager Business, the parameter with IP addresses for node is added into ispmgrnode.conf on each node. The cluster node must have the role "Primary name server" or "Name server (secondary)". Only Ips specified in SPFRelayIP will be added to SPF.