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This module can be used to monitor detailed traffic consumption by your servers over a selected period of time.

In the Period field you can select a desired period, for example, previous day, month, year, and so on.

Module «Traffic statistics»
T-bullet.gif View traffic information

View traffic information

  • Server - the name of the server.
  • Host name - the domain name of this server.
  • IP address - the IP-address of the network interface of the server.
  • Incoming (GiB) - the amount of incoming traffic over the selected period.
  • Outgoing (GiB) - the amount of outgoing traffic over the selected period.

To view a more detailed information about traffic statistics, double click the server. A new table will open providing you with the traffic usage information per the selected server:

Module «Traffic statistics»

Clicking the "Show data" icon will show the dates and time when statistics was collected, as well as the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic.