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Following are step by step instructions for how to transfer data between users. This feature is supported only in ISPmanager 5 Lite

What data can be transfered

WWW-domains, mail domains, domain names, and SSL-certificates can be transferred. In order to start the process, go to Admin level -- open WWW-domains, Mail domains, or Domain names and click the Transfer button.

You can transfer a database from one user to another in the "Databases" module -- "Transfer". This function is not related to the data transfer function described in this article.

How does the system check what data should be transferred?

When you click "Transfer", the control panel checks the name of the selected object, and adds all objects that use this name, including its subdomains. For example, administrator wants to transfer The domain has aliases and In this case, and, and the mail domain will be added to a transfer list. All SSL-certificates used by WWW or mail domains will be transferred as well.

Checking user limits

When a list of object for transfer is ready, the control panel will check user limits:

  • user has sufficient permissions on WWW-domains, mail domains, and mailboxes.
  • he has access to web-server function, which is used by WWW-domains - SSL, CGI
  • a new owner has access to PHP modes used by WWW-domains being transferred

If any of the above limits are not set, administrator will be asked to configure user permissions.

if administrator ignores such notifications, all object will be transferred, but WWW-domain's options (SSL, CGI) and PHP modes will be set according to current limits of the new owner (for example, SSL will be disabled, or PHP as Apache will be changed into PHP as CGI).

Checking free disk space

After you click "Ok" on the data transfer form, the control panel will check the size of files to be imported. If user quota doesn't allow to transfer WWW-domains and mail domains, or there is insufficient free disk space for making a backup copy of files, administrator will be informed that the transfer process failed.

How it works

After all checks are made, the control panel will register the object to be transferred in its database and will start the process. You can monitor the transfer in "Accounts" "Data transfer". Clicking "Ok" on the data transfer form will open this list automatically.

Data transfer will perform 2 steps:

  • it transfers all files of WWW-domains and mail domain. Files will be copied to /var/www/[username]/.datapass. File permissions will be changed - owner and group that match the current owner, will be set according to new owner and his group. Owner and group that differ from current owner, won't be changed.
  • completes the process: change owners of all required object and moves files of WWW-domains and mail domains to from the /var/www/[username]/.datapass directory into required directories of the new user.

Number of transfer attempts

Due to different reasons, the transfer may fail. On the data transfer form you can specify the number of attempts to transfer data in case of errors. The default value is 3. Enter 1 of you want to terminate the process in case of any errors.

Cancelling data transfer

Before the last operation is performed, you can terminate the transfer at any step. Go to Accounts --> Data transfer --> click Cancel. Data won't be transferred from the old owner's directories.