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BILLmanager delivers a number of options when it comes to managing the billing for your clients' services.

Advance payments are used in the billing system by default, meaning that a client's account will be charged at the very beginning, when he is placing a new order.

You may configure post payments, if needed. Login to BILLmanager -> Clients -> Accounts-> Edit -> Allow post paid services. You can also set a credit limit for the client.

Post-paid services - a client can order services (as much as he wishes), so that his account will have negative balance. On the first of each month the client will be billed with the order amount for the previous month.

Credit limit - you can set the maximum amount of "loan" that you can grant to your customer that he won't be able to exceed. Invoices won't be generated automatically.

Configuring prices

Service price may consists of the following parts:

  • Setup fee is a charge that clients need to cover at the time of purchase. You can set a fee in the tariff plan configuration form and modify it later. A client will be charged one time when activating the service. I.e. if the service was ordered, but not activated (e.g. a client could not make a payment for a long time), and the setup fee changed in this period of time, the new price will be charged.
  • Periodic fee is paid by a client for the use of the service for a duration of time. It consists of a tariff plan's price and add-on's prices. The tariff price can be set in the "Prices" tab of the tariff creation/edit form. Add-on's periodic fee can be set in the corresponding module (the "Config" button). Billing type - "order-based"; add-on's price is set per unit per month.

Example: you can create a "Disk space"add-on , which will be measured in Mb. You should set the price for one additional Mb per month.

  • Additional fee is charged based on statistical information from the billing system if certain limits are exceeded (when a clients consumes more traffic, CPU time, RAM, etc. than he is allocated by service provider). Additional fees can be set in the Add-ons module (Tariff plans -- the "Config" button), billing type - "statistics-based"; add-on's price is set for the amount exceeded per item.

Example: you create a "Traffic" add-on, which will be measured in Gb, and set the limit of 1000. Should the client exceed the allowed limit, he will be daily charged the amount that equals the number of Gb exceeded per 24 hours multiplied by the specified price. On the first of each month statistics is reset.

Ordering periods

You can set ordering periods and prices for tariff plan.

Example: service order period - 1 month, price - 10 euro. If a client orders a service on March 15, he will be charged 10 euro, and the service will expire on April 15.

Select the "Daily charges" check box in the tariff configuration form to charge a client on daily basis. Daily charges are calculated as follows: service periodic price is divided by the number of months in certain period, and divided into the number of days in the current month. Services with daily charges do not expire, they remain active as long as the client's account has positive balance.

Example: a client orders a service for 3 months for 300 euro. The client will be daily charged 3.22 euro (300 divided by 3--> 100 is divided by 30).

Please note: in the case of daily charges, the amount will be calculated based on period that the client selected at the service sign up.

Add-on prices

Beside periodic fees, a client can be charged for tariff add-ons. Add-ons are billed depending on a billing type:

  • Order-based.

E.g.: add-on - IP address with the following parameters: tariff includes - 1, monthly price - 10 euro. This means that a client is provided with 1 IP address for free, additional IP address will be provided for 10 euro per month.

If the client orders additional IP address in the middle of the month, he will be charged not the whole fee, but the amount in proportion to the remaining period. He will be charged when placing a order.

If the client orders additional IP address in the middle of the month, and his account is set to "daily charges", he will be charged for the add-on only next day.

  • Statistics-based.

E.g. add-on - traffic with the following parameters: tariff includes 1000 Mb, monthly price - 100 euro, exceeded values are billed on a monthly basis. Once a day theserver sends to BILLmanager traffic usage statistics over the previous day.

If the client used 1010 Mb by the 10th, on the 11th of the current month BILLmanager will charge additional 100 euro. On the 11th the traffic usage is 1050 Mb, so BILLmanager will charge 400 euro, and so on, until the end of the month. On the first of the next month statistics will reset.