Upgrade from DCImanager to DCImanager Enterprise

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This article walks you through the steps you need to perform to upgrade from DCImanager to DCImanager Enterprise with extended functionality. For more information about differences, please refer to this article.

Before you start, be sure to make a backup copy of data bases and the /usr/local/mgr5 directory.

How to upgrade

1. Stop ihttpd

service ihttpd stop

2. Terminate core processes:

killall core

3. Make sure that control panel was disabled:

ps ax |grep core
7959 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep core

If some core processes are still running, execute:

killall core -9

4. Delete DCImanager


yum remove dcimanager-progressive

Debian и Ubuntu:

apt-get remove dcimanager-progressive

5. Clean all the cache files.

rm -rf /usr/local/mgr5/var/.db.cache.*

6. Install DCImanager Enterprise


yum install dcimanager-enterprise

Debian и Ubuntu:

apt-get install dcimanager-enterprise

7. Start ihttpd

service ihttpd start

Now you can open the control panel https://<ip_address>:1500/dcimgr

Attention! Downgrade from DCImanager Enterprise to DCImanager is not supported