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Hierarchy: DCImanager -> Modules
DCImanager Enterprise ->Modules

This article describes how to install and configure the "User VLAN" module. The module enables users to place their servers in the VLANs that the administrator allowed for them.

More information can be found under "VLAN".

Installing and configuring the module

To install the module, navigate to "Integration" → "Modules" → choose "User VLAN" → click "Install".

After the installation "Install" will be changed into "Settings".


  • VID range for users — enter a range of identifiers (VLAN ID) that will be assigned to user VLAN. The start and the end range identifier must be entered with a hyphen, the ranges must be entered space separated. Eg. "1-15 29 50 333-400".

Note: to allow a user to create VLAN, make sure the following requirements are met:

  1. the user must have permissions to create a VLAN. Navigate to "Main" -> "Users" -> select a user -> "Permissions" -> select "Virtual networks (VLAN)" -> "On.";
  2. provide the number of VLAN that a user can create. Navigate to "Main" -> "Users" -> select a user -> "Edit" -> "Number of VLAN".

Managing the module

To create a VLAN, drill down to the "User" level and go to "Main" -> "Virtual networks (VLAN)" -> "Add".

  • VLAN name — enter the name of the VLAN;
  • Notes — additional information

The system will select the first available VID as the VLAN identifier, from the range specified in the module configuration form.