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This information can be used if you use ISPmanager 5.62 and later.

If you use an earlier version of the control panel, plase refer to this article.

Brief description

This module can be used for user and data import from different sources. Supported control panels: ISPmanager 5 (Lite, Business), ISPmanager 4 (Lite, Pro), cPanel (import only to ISPmanager 5 Lite)

This module is available only for Unix-based systems.

Import with admin permissions

Administrator can import several users simultaneously.

Imported users will be created automatically, user limits will be kept.

Import with administrator permissions

Import with user permissions

User can import several users simultaneously.

Importing with user permissions won't keep user limits.

The current user will be the owner of the imported data.

Import with administrator permissions

Selecting a source for data import


This feature enables to import a user from the archive located on a local machine. Only one user will be imported. You can import archives created in ISPmanager 5 (Lite, Business), cPanel (import to ISPmanager 5 Lite)

Local directory

As admin

Enables to import multiple users by specifying a path to the directory with archives.

Archive variants

  • a single file from ISPmanager 5 (Lite, Business) or cPanel (import only into ISPmanager 5 Lite). Recovery from such archives will be performed automatically.
  • as several files in the format F<date>.<username>.tgz, <date>.<username>.tgz and <date>.<username>.info. ISPmanager Lite will "see" only those archives made in the Lite version, ISPmanager Business - archives made in the Business version.

Do not place in one directory two archive files with the same user. In this server status of restored data will correspond to the last restored user backup. В таком случае состояние восстановленных сущностей будет соответствовать последней восстановленной резервной копии пользователя. Or you will get the error"sbin/restore2" already exists when restoring data from imported archives.

If archives were placed directly from the archive, for example, with the rsync command and contain info files, such archives will be imported without user recovery.

If you provide a path to file, only one user from the archive will be imported.

As user

You can import only one archive created in ISPmanager 5 (Lite, Business) or cPanel (import only to ISPmanager 5 Lite)

Archive URL

Import one user from the archive by a specified URL. The archive should be created in ISPmanager 5 (Lite, Bisiness), cPanel (only for import into ISPmanager 5 Lite)

From local archive in ISPmanager 4 and from the ISPmanager 4 control panel


from ISPmanager 5

Enter access details to the server with ISPmanager 5 (Lite, Business).

As admin

Indicate access data to remote ISPmanager 5 (Lite) server according to description and field form hints

After filling in these fields you should go further to a second step, where you may choose users for import and press Ok. In the beggining user meta data will be copied, the panel will give you a report, and after that user's database and file will be copied.

At the moment user import from remote ISPmanager 5 business is not avalable from Admin level. If you need to do it this way, you can connect any clear remote storage, create there a backup copy of all users in A server, then disconnect this storage from A server, after you should connect this storage to B server and recover all users in "Backups"

As user

Indicate access data to remote ISPmanager 5 (Lite, Business) server according to description and field form hints

Only one user can be imported from remote panel using new backup system.

A backup copy is created in A server and then this copy is importe to B server.

We recommend you to use local storage in A server at the moment (If backup system is disabled and the panel has the version less than 5.62, in this way a backup will be created locally, if local panel has the version less than 5.62, in this way you should enable backups for succesful import)

Technical details


User import from data sources (except for ISPmanager 4) can be performed in the Backups module.

Import speed

For better import speed, you need to select local storage in the backup settings.

Import with backups disabled

For user import from data sources (except for ISPmanager 4) a local storage in the /var/backup archive will be used. Once the user is imported and restored, backup copies will be deleted.

If imported archives contains files such as <date>.<username>.info, such archives won't be deleted, therefore we do not recommend that you import them with the backup function disabled.