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Hierarchy: VMmanager KVM ->STATISTICS
VMmanager Cloud ->STATISTICS

This module can be used to monitor the load on each virtual machine based on the following resources:

  • incoming traffic;
  • outgoing traffic;
  • input-output operations.
  • CPU time

Load statistics per virtual machine is collected every 5 minutes.

  1. Statistics is collected to the file /usr/local/mgr5/var/stat/raw/mainstat/@VM_NAME/YYYYMMDDHH.stat
  2. Process statistics hourly. All statistical information will be summed up and put into the stathour table
  3. Process statistics daily. All statistical information from the stathour table will be summed up and put into the statday table

To display the data you can select a specific period (previous day, month, any range and so on), interval (days, hours, minutes), cluster node and virtual machine (you can select either a certain machine or Top-10 servers.

Clicking the "Show data" link will open a table with detailed information.

If the cluster node where the virtual machine is installed runs Debian or Ubuntu, CPU time statistics for a virtual machine will not be collected due to libvirt restrictions. Information on the cluster node load is collected. If you run CentOS, CPU time statistics is collected.

Module «VM load»