VMmanager-OVZ: OS templates synchronization on cluster nodes

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To enable automatic OS deployment on a virtual machine, make sure a directory with OS templates is created on every cluster node. Normally, OS templates are located in the /nfsshare directory

Identity between the directory and templates is performed as follows (the OsTplDistributionMethod option):

  • nfs: the /nfsshare directory of the master node is mounted on each cluster node
  • rsync: when deploying an OS template or adding a cluster node, VMmanager runs the rsync utility for directory synchronization. For VMmanager Cloud this is the only synchronization method
  • manual: synchronization is not performed, the template is installed on the cluster node. A user performs the directory synchronization himself

Changing the synchronization type

To change a synchronization type, edit the OsTplDistributionMethod parameter, and restart VMmanager. Once in 5 minutes the system will check for templates synchronization.

Starting synchronization

If you use the rsync synchronization, you can start synchronization of templates in VMmanager OVZ with the following command:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/mgrctl -m vemgr vmhostnode.checktpl